Winter Solstice at Cherry Creek Falls

Winter Solstice at Cherry Creek Falls

By: Shelby December 21, 2014 6:56 pm 1 comment

This Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, we wanted to do a short hike that was also close to home, because, well, we didn’t have much day to do it in! At 5 miles long and only 22 miles from home, Cherry Creek Falls fit the bill for this in almost every way.


It was a fairly nondescript hike deep into the woods of Cherry Valley, along an old logging road. It was a very straight and straightforward hike, though we did go fairly slowly to make sure we followed along the correct path. Numerous social trails branch off from the main road, and we didn’t want to miss an important turn. Despite a single tricky creek crossing at Hannan Creek (thank goodness for trekking poles and boots with good traction!) this hike was a walk in the park. The trail follows Cherry Creek almost the whole way, and it remains just out of earshot until the old logging road becomes less of a road and more of a trail. After crossing the wide creek, the trail looped back around and soon we were at a pretty decent overlook of the falls, which spill into a wide bowl 25 feet below. I bet this would be great for swimming in the summer, though probably packed with locals.

There’s a cool old wreck of a car, too, which we passed at maybe half a mile in.

It was a foggy and drizzly day, and we only saw a couple of other groups the whole time. We also saw more mountain bike tracks than deer tracks. All in all, it was a pretty good pay off for how close to home the hike is. Not spectacular or super-amazing, but a solid hike for a short day, and some days that’s all you need.

There’s a nonexistent parking lot at the trailhead, and when I say it’s a nonexistent parking lot, I just mean that there isn’t one. The trailhead isn’t really marked in any way, and there’s just kind of a wide shoulder on Mountain View Rd. with enough room for 3-4 cars. That’s really the only indication that you’re there. We followed WTA’s directions the whole way, and they got us there just fine, as usual.
No permit required.

Wrecked Car







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