Welcoming Spring at Meadowdale Beach

Welcoming Spring at Meadowdale Beach

By: Shelby March 19, 2017 8:40 pm 15 comments

It’s been a really, really long winter in Seattle. While everywhere else in the country has been exceptionally warm, we’ve been exceptionally cold, and exceptionally dreary. Though we’ve still been getting outdoors and traveling to slightly warmer climes in short bursts, the dark and grey have been getting really freaking old. People are fantasizing about seeing the sun icon in their weather app 10 days out – not even the sun itself, just seeing the icon. Last week, KOMO News reported that we’ve only had 3 mild, sunny days since October. So yeah, it’s been a little rough.

Today was slated to be a sunny day, though—a real honest-to-goodness warm(ish), blue sky day. I woke up (way too) early and was almost as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. I walked to Starbucks while Spenser rolled out of bed, practically skipping in the sunshine. After coffee, we made our way to Meadowdale Beach Park, a cute little Snohomish County park that we’ve been to once before.

We thankfully managed to snag a spot in the tiny parking lot as someone was pulling out, and headed down the 1.25 mile trail toward the beach. There were a lot of people out enjoying the perfect day with their dogs, or kids, or both, or just a cup of coffee. It was awesome. The trail is wide and steep at the beginning, and loses about 400 feet of elevation, but then it sort of flattens out gently as you get closer to the beach. The stream was roaring and the sun was shining through the beautiful second-growth forest.

Taking the Belchers out on their first spin of the year

the sketchy tunnel

We got down to the train tracks. There’s a small tunnel with a very narrow path alongside a channel that goes under the tracks and allows for the water to pass through the berm. When we were here two years ago, the water was too high and swift for us to actually get through the tunnel, but this time, we were able to make it through to the beach. Success! There were just two or three other groups out there enjoying the beach. Once we were there, we felt like idiots for not bringing our waterproof blanket, or a sketchbook, or a regular book, or a picnic… but we can come back and do those things another time. We were mostly excited to just get outside on this last day of winter. It was amazing having this beautiful wild beach (almost) completely to ourselves, while only being 20 minutes from home.

We watched a seal playing in the water for a while, and planned future sunset picnics and acro jams back here in the summer.

Wise words

So, with tomorrow being the vernal equinox, we say goodbye winter! You were certainly something else this year. I’ll miss your snowboarding and cross-country skiing (new favorite thing ever), but I’m ready for some alpine lakes and long evenings spent in the hammock.

I’m also really, really ready for the feeling to return to my toes.

No Pass required.
Total distance: 2.5 miles
Total elevation: 425ft
Total hiking time: 1 hour

Bonus Daphne basking in the sunshine

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