The Sights and Sounds of North Creek Park

The Sights and Sounds of North Creek Park

By: Spenser April 19, 2015 1:12 pm 0 comments

This weekend was a busy wedding planning weekend for us; we had our first floral consultation, contacted some caterers, and had dinner with our officiant and his wife to talk about what we wanted our ceremony to be (as well as catch up since it had been a while since we had seen them). So rather than go on one of our epic far away adventures that we love to do on the weekends, we decided to keep it a bit more local and visit the North Creek Park about 30 minutes north of Seattle in Mill Creek.


North Creek Park is less of a hike and more of a pleasant walk across a floating boardwalk over the watershed. The creek itself starts 12.6 miles away in South Everett and goes through this marsh prior to draining into the Sammamish River near Bothell. The boardwalk slowly meanders through the marsh with a few offshoots that you can see all of the wetlands from different angles, as well as a small pond near the end (depending on which side you started from, that is!). I think the thing that stood out most for me as we walked through this trail was the number of different birds we saw, and even more that we didn’t see, but could hear all around us.

It definitely felt like we were in a live episode of Bird Note. It also made us realize that we should pick up a Field Guide to Birds of our region from the Audubon Society so we could actually tell what we are looking at.

2015_04_19 2015-04-19 North Creek Pond 01

Northern Entrance

2015_04_19 2015-04-19 North Creek Pond 05

2015_04_19 2015-04-19 North Creek Pond 04

Look, an Eagle!

2015_04_19 2015-04-19 North Creek Pond 03

Took me a while to spot this little dude

2015_04_19 2015-04-19 North Creek Pond 02

These birds had cool red spots on their shoulders

I didn’t get a ton of pictures on this little walk, partly because it was so short (1.5 miles total) and partly because I could hear a lot more nature than I could see.

Impeccable boardwalk

Impeccable boardwalk

I love focusing on the little details of the "less scenic" adventures


Goosey geese

Goosey geese


Total mileage: 1.5 miles
Our total time: 48 minutes

No pass required.
Driving directions to the south entrance: From Seattle, take I-5N to exit 183 to 164th St SW in Martha Lake. Continue for 3.6 miles to the trailhead, where there are a playground and picnic tables.

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