A Temporary Cure for Spring Fever

A Temporary Cure for Spring Fever

By: Shelby February 2, 2013 11:47 pm 3 comments

Spring is hiding just around the corner, and we are beginning to see that here in Seattle. The temperature is rising, things are starting to green up (not like they ever really stop being green around here… it’s just getting greener), and the sun is still up when we leave the office now! We’d been dying to get outside all week, but getting out to the mountains for snow adventures just wasn’t going to work out this time. We wanted to get as far away from home as possible without actually going far, so we headed to Saint Edward State Park in Juanita, just across the lake from north Seattle.

Saint Edward State Park



Trail along the lake

After a huge and hugely delicious breakfast at BeachHouse Bar + Grill in Kirkland, we set out to the park. Saint Edward is a large park with lots to offer. It’s the site of a historic seminary (hence the name), and the gorgeous old buildings still remain. The campus is surrounded by woods with hiking and mountain biking trails, and there are fields for sports, a pool, and picnic tables. I wish the main building was being used, but from the looks of it, it’s fallen into disrepair inside. The park is incredibly peaceful, though. We hiked down to the lake from the main parking lot down one of the trails marked “difficult”. It was narrow and hugged the steep hillside, but going downhill was definitely not difficult. We might have purposely gone down this way to come back up the easier trail. Yes, we’ve been here before, and no, we don’t have our hiking legs ready for the new season. We wound down to the lake, where there’s a good sized clearing perfect for picnics on warm sunny days. Spenser and I wandered up and down the trail that goes along the lake shore, searching for the two geocaches that were begging to be found. After we recorded our names in the log of one of them (but failed to have a working pen for the other), we moseyed back to the main beach to relax on the rocks and enjoy the silence. After we had enough lake zen, we hiked back up the Seminary Trail for some quiet picnic table zen. Overall, the visit was fabulous, though the trails were slightly muddy. This was my first time to wear my new boots, and I thought they were great. This park was also where we bought our Discover Pass almost a year ago. The Discover Pass is required for parking at state parks and other lands managed by the Washington State Department of Recreation Commission. For only $30 a year (vs. $10 a day without a pass), it’s paid for itself many times over. Saint Edward State Park, we will be back to explore the rest of your trails!

The old seminary building


  • Tama Blair

    The old seminary building looks beautiful. I bet you could get some great pictures there. Too bad it’s fallen into disrepair. Keep up the good work!

  • I love your picture! You look so happy!

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