A Quiet Thanksgiving Hike to Franklin Falls

A Quiet Thanksgiving Hike to Franklin Falls

By: Shelby November 28, 2014 2:56 pm 2 comments

Happy Thanksgiving (weekend) everyone! As is our new holiday tradition, we went outside to celebrate much that we are thankful for: our health, the great outdoors, and each other. Unfortunately we couldn’t have our families with us! It’s been such a hectic year, traveling around 7 different states, starting new jobs, planning a wedding, and just generally trying to have it all. Almost every moment of the year has been filled with some amount of crazy creative energy, so for this Thanksgiving, we took a quieter route for our celebration. On Wednesday, we worked from home and cooked our feast for two. We hustled around our tiny kitchen in an (almost) choreographed fashion to get everything on the table at the right time. We ate, then we rested.


Then, by the time Thursday morning rolled around, we didn’t have anything to do. It was all done. We got up (late) and headed to the mountains for our quiet hike. We chose Franklin Falls based on the recent influx trip reports from there in the Washington Hikers & Climbers Facebook group. The latest photos all promised enormous icicle arrangements and an almost-frozen waterfall. Sounds sweet, we thought, and this normally busy trail should be all quiet on a day people normally spend inside.

Thanksgiving spread


Franklin Falls is a quick, 2 mile hike with only 400ft elevation change. The trail was very nicely maintained and passed by the rushing Denny Creek and a few very nice cabins that I imagined were filled with bearskin rugs and roaring fires, and holy crap I want a cabin someday. There were a couple inches of slushy snow covering most of the trail and it was raining pretty steadily. We only encountered a couple of other groups.


It was a warmish day, so there wasn’t any ice on the trail to worry about, except for a very thick sheet down at the very end of the trail, right by the roaring waterfall. So, no frozen waterfall, but it was fun to get out into the snow (even if it was slushy and wet)! We’ll have to come back when the waterfall is completely frozen, and maybe bring some traction for our boots, so we can get down closer to the falls.

Franklin Falls

We made it home by early afternoon, where we crashed on the couch and I spent the rest of the day eating leftovers and dreaming about the coming year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


PS: For our turkey, we thought it would be kind of overkill to cook a WHOLE BIRD just for the two of us, so we settled for a breast in the crockpot. I found this recipe and thought “what the heck, I’ll try something different.” AND IT WAS AMAZING. Like maybe the best turkey I’ve ever eaten. We are definitely doing it again for Christmas.

Franklin Falls Trail:
Northwest Forest Pass Required
From Seattle, head east on I-90 to exit 47 Denny Creek/Tinkham Road and turn left to cross over the freeway. Turn right at the stop sign onto Forest Road 58, following the signs for Franklin Falls trail. Continue ahead for 2.4 miles and take a left just after Denny Creek Campground and arrive at the small parking lot for Franklin Falls trailhead.

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