2013 Resolutions

2013 Resolutions

By: Spenser January 12, 2013 3:51 pm 2 comments

This year I debated whether or not I wanted to make any resolutions, because I feel like my life is going quite smoothly right now. But after doing some thinking and looking back at this past year I decided to make some. This last year has been one of the best years of my life so far, and I figured I should use that as a starting point for planning out how I want 2013 to go. So here are my resolutions for the year so I can have them on record and have something to review when December 31st comes rolling around.

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1. Continue improving my health
This last year I put on a little bit of weight and starting around December, Shelby and I joined a gym and started going pretty regularly and I hope to continue that trend to get back down to my target weight. My goal with the gym is for us to continue to go at minimum three days per week. To be specific with a plan, I intended to loosely base our workouts off crossfit and circuit training. Shelby got a fitbit zip for Christmas from her brother, so I went out and got the fitbit one after comparing the features hers has and after talking to several coworkers who also have the One. We both set a daily goal of walking 10,000 steps a day, and have been trying to use the apps that they provide to help keep a better eye on what we are eating.

2. Blog
This is a simple one and I have a few reasons that I am trying to blog more this year. First, I want to keep track of all of the adventures and fun things I plan on doing this year, and be able to share them with friends and family and anyone who is interested. Second, I want to become more of a thought leader in the technology sector. I have a pretty sweet job working on awesome web and mobile apps and our company is gaining lots of recognition in that space, and I want to get myself in a great position as a leader in the industry as well. To do this I hope to keep blogging about things that are technical in nature and share my thoughts about them and walkthroughs on things when I learn how they work.

3. Travel
In 2012 alone I traveled to more new places than I had in the last 5 years, and I want to continue that trend. Whether its by going on local hikes and camping, different states, or other countries, I want to keep exploring what this world has to offer.

4. Save for a house
This is a pretty straight forward one as well. I don’t really want to live in an apartment any more so I want to save money for a house. I plan to do this by eating out less than we did last year, find ways we can trim our monthly expenses, and maybe figure out how to make some external additional income outside of my current job.

5. Learn more things
This ties into most of the ones listed above, but I want to continue to keep learning new fun things. This year got off to a good start with setting up two websites on Amazon’s EC2 (this site and my own) and doing a writeup about how I did that (part 1 and part 2). If we get to travel to another country I hope to learn the language before we go (or at least enough to get around).

I think these are all quite accomplishable, and if I stick to them I think they will make me into a better person than I already am. Here’s to 2013 being even better than last year.


  • Stacey

    It sounds to me like you both know where you want to go. When you get there you will be the aimless wonderers and know how to enjoy it. Love Mom

  • Tama Blair

    I never made resolutions that were this well thought out and doable. I like the way you think. Good luck and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out. (Give my girl a hug for me!)

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