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Our Favorite Hikes in 2012

Our Favorite Hikes in 2012

Hey y’all! We did lots of hikes and outdoorsiness in 2012, and we are so excited about getting back on the trail in 2013. We spent tonight reminiscing over the literal ups and downs of our favorite trails so far. You can click on the titles to see more trail info!

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Happy New Year, Y’all!

Happy New Year, Y’all!

Happy 2013! We started this blog a long time ago to chronicle our adventures. Well, so far that hasn’t happened, but this year is different than last year! We learned a lot last year, mostly by going on enough weekend adventures to make our coworkers and friends jealous (“You always do so many fun things. I wish I did that.” “It’s easy, just go do it!”). We pushed the limits of our own stupid sanity and after all of it, we came out with a plan for this year. It’s going to be everything 2012 was, except with less off the bad and more of the awesome.

We have some plans for the year, but we know there will be unplanned adventures along the way:

1. January – snowshoeing/skiing/snowboarding in the Cascades
2. February – Vegas for a weekend
3. March – backpacking in the San Juans
4. April – camp hike camp hike
5. May – camp hike camp hike
6. June – Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas
7. July – Mt. Rainier, trip to Texas to visit my family
8. August – camp hike camp hike
9. September – West Coast Trail in BC
10. October – camp hike camp hike
11. November – hike hike hike hike
12. December – hibernate.

We’re going to focus this year on getting better, better at all of the things we did last year. We want to hike farther, camp better, cook healthier, see more, explore more, and live more. So we started this year with a good party, a good midnight kiss, a good sleep, a good breakfast, and a good walk along Lake Washington under a beautiful blue sky.

The first decent picture I took this year.

The first decent picture I took this year.

Another resolution of mine: get better at cooking holiday dinners. There’s SO MUCH PLANNING. So many things bake at different temperatures.

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